Whitepaper “Cybersecurity Beyond Technology”

Whitepaper “Cybersecurity Beyond Technology”

You can now download the complete whitepaper about  “Cybersecurity Beyond Technology” conducted by Gartner and Telefónica.

As companies embrace digital technologies, the importance of cybersecurity is ever-more paramount. In this digital world, Cybersecurity needs to go beyond the boundaries of technology and become a permanent shield for business assets.

In this document we will introduce a new concept called “Business Threat Intelligence”,that is build on the experience of Threat Intelligence, bringing it closer to the business, increasing its detection and analysis of unknown threats, and elevating it from a CISO tool to a tool for the whole C-Level of any organization.

This whitepaper has been created by top notch cyber security professionals as Nikolaos Tsouroulas (Telefónica Head of Cybersecurity Product Management, Telefónica), Ígor García-Tapia (Telefónica Cybersecurity Expert Analyst), Julio Gómez Ortega (Telefónica Cybersecurity Expert Analyst) and Rob McMillan (Gartner Research Director).

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