Web protection


Complete solutions so that your online business and applications are always available

The security of web applications and services is increased when specialized protection measures are applied in each of the levels on which a web service is supported: offering your users and customers a secure application, a system where it runs that is monitored and strengthened and a clear channel that allows your visitors to access the final service.

Given the large number of specialized threats against one of the most exposed and easily reachable assets, such as web services, ElevenPaths offers to its customers a solution for the comprehensive security of their websites and web applications that provides prevention, protection with response and visibility of threats that allow the company to understand more deeply its services and assets, thus being able to apply concrete measures to improve the performance and security of its applications and systems.

Web Protection solution offers a suite of products and services for a multi-layer protection that adds levels of protection according to the available budget, without complex deployments and expandable on demand as the needs of the web service increase.


Understanding of web context for an advanced protection of your applications and online services against specialiced threats.


VAMPS helps you to identify security threats and possible attack methods against systems where applications are running.


Protection against DDoS attacks so that the access channel to your web services is always available for your customers and users.

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