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Security for everyone

At ElevenPaths we believe in the idea of challenging the current state of security, a feature that should always be present in technology. We continually rethink the relationship between security and people with the aim of creating innovative products that are capable of transforming the concept of security, so we are always one step ahead of our attackers, who are increasingly present in our digital life.

We focus all our experience and effort on creating innovative security products. Below is a summary of our products, that we continue to develop every day in order to offer the best possible security solutions, both for today and for the future:

  • To help improve defense mechanisms against current and future threats:

    • Benchmarking & Supply Chain, risk assessment through constant monitoring.
    • CyberThreats, anticipation, detection and response against pòtential cyberthreats through a proactive approach based on cyberintelligence.
    • Faast, persistent penetration testing.
    • FMI Swarm, adaptive and convergent fraud risk management.
    • mASAPP, trace & check your app weaknesses.
    • Metashield, protection against data and sensible information leaks.
    • Sinfonier, cyber threat detection technology based on real-time information processing.
    • Tacyt, an innovative tool for the monitoring and analysis of mobile threats.
    • Vamps, discovers all the assets of your organization that are exposed on the Internet.
  • To give people control over their personal information and privacy in their digital lives:

    • Latch, the security switch for your digital life.
    • Liliac, revolutionary anti-counterfeiting solution.
    • Mobile Connect, the new standard in digital authentication.
    • SealSign, the most innovative digital signature and biometric solution.
    • Shadow, traceability of documents by means of imperceptible watermarking techniques applied to text documents.
    • SmartID, our robust authentication and Single Sign-On solution.
  • To contribute what is going on in your company’s computer security immediately and agilely.

    • Data Management, transforming data into relevant business information.
    • SandaS, global security knowledge to improve your business.
    • SandaS GRC, manage your organization’s risks and legal and security requirements efficiently and in a unified way.
    • Security Monitoring, your business’ security centralized in one place.
  • In our Research and Labs area, internally known as our “crazy ideas” area, we continually, dynamically, and quickly come up with new products and build prototypes in order to anticipate future security problems.

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