Trend report “The Biggest Data Leaks of the Final Third of 2016″

Trend report “The Biggest Data Leaks of the Final Third of 2016″

Our analysts team updates you on the biggest data breaches trends. This time we bring you the report corresponding to the final third of 2016. Check the whitepaper!

In the final third of the year, the number of incidents classed as critical was 19, making a total of 65 incidents over the course of 2016. The order of magnitude of the volume of users exposed is in the billions, which confirms that this type of attack is attractive to a wide range of criminals with interests and the ability to exploit material obtained illegally as a result of the different hacks that lead to such leaks.

Once again, the health sector is the one which suffered the most security breaches of this type, motivated by the law existing in some countries, which obliges those affected to announce the existence of a leak from the moment there is evidence of it as a preventive measure.

Our experts recommend preventing and limiting the effects of an external actor obtaining information about the organization itself. These tactics must be complemented with awareness strategies to mitigate their effects and ensure the safety of an organization.

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