TEGRA Cybersecurity Center presents Stela FileTrack, its first solution for companies

TEGRA Cybersecurity Center presents Stela FileTrack, its first solution for companies

  • This tool is intended to protect sensitive documentary information within organizations.
  • The center boosted by Telefónica and Gradiant brings together in Santiago cybersecurity managers from companies across Spain to celebrate its first anniversary.

Santiago de Compostela (Spain), June 19, 2019 - TEGRA Cybersecurity Center has presented today Stela FileTrack at a whole-day event in Santiago on the occasion of its first year of operation. Stela FileTrack is one of its first solutions intended to protect sensitive documentary information within organizations. This tool allows to know where information is, regardless of whether documents are in the user’s computer, servers, e-mail or on the cloud; as well as when such documents are shared with people within and outside the organization.

Stela FileTrack functionalities were showed in front of cybersecurity managers (CTOs, CIOs and CISOs) from various regional and national companies. These could check in situ their functioning and share their views.

Boosted by Gradiant and Telefónica (ElevenPaths) and supported by the Xunta de Galicia through the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN), TEGRA was born last year within the framework of the joint research unit named IRMAS (Information Rights Management Advanced Systems) with the aim of improving corporate information security through technology, as well as positioning Galicia as a relevant agent in the field of cybersecurity. The joint cybersecurity research unit IRMAS ꟷwhich gave birth to TEGRAꟷ is co-financed by the ERDF 2014-2020 Operational Programme of the European Union, and is intended to promote technological development, innovation and high-quality research.

I+D+i to enhance information security

“According to the last report of Ponemon Institute, there is a 25% probability that an organization may suffer a data leakage. From TEGRA we have a strong commitment to Stela Filetrack, an ElevenPaths own product jointly developed with our partner Gradiant to help organizations detect, respond to and control risks”, highlighted Pedro Pablo Pérez, CEO of ElevenPaths, the Telefónica Cybersecurity Unit. In addition to Stela FileTrack possibilities, attendees at the event could test innovative technologies over which Stela FileTrack is being built. “TEGRA is an excellent means for providing society and companies with Gradiant’s research potential in terms of cybersecurity, one of the essential technological pillars to the progress of digital economy and society. The partnership with ElevenPaths certainly helps to shorten the way between research and market”, said Luis Pérez Freire, Executive Director of Gradiant.

At the event a round table was held as well. It was focused on the issue “Data leakage: impact, control and mitigation” and its panelists were Roberto Baratta Martínez, Director of Loss Prevention, Business Continuity and Security & DPO at ABANCA; Carlos López Blanco, Head of Digital Risk Office at Hijos de Rivera SAU; Fernando Suárez Lorenzo, Head of Transparency and Open Government area at the Private Council of Ourense; and David González González, Information Security Manager at Grupo COREN. This round table was moderated by Fernando Jiménez, General Manager at Gradiant.

The event was closed with a final keynote by Ignacio Caño Luna, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship – INCIBE.

Introducing Galicia into the international cybersecurity map

Since it was created, the goal of TEGRA Cybersecurity Center has been developing products and services intended to improve information security within companies through advanced cryptographic techniques, designing mechanisms for verifying the identity over the process of information access as well as data analysis tools, in addition to documentary classification systems and irregular information access detection systems. The center also works to forge strategic partnerships, so it collaborates with bodies and entities such as the European Commission, Cyber Threat Alliance, Europol, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO), which is in turn a partner of Telefónica and Gradiant.

TEGRA also works to position Galicia as a relevant agent in the field of cybersecurity and generate I+D+i jobs in the region. Cybersecurity has become an essential point within organizations, as well as an enabler element of 4.0. Industry. Galicia has a strong commitment to innovation in the field and hopes to become a national and international benchmark in terms of cybersecurity. For this reason, TEGRA relies on Telefónica’s commitment through its Cybersecurity Unit, ElevenPaths; and Gradiant, the Technological Telecommunications Center of Galicia.

The center started working with 20 specialists and two offices, one of them at Gradiant’s headquarters in Vigo and the remaining one at the Telefónica’s main office in A Coruña. Both organizations participate in the new center with a similar investment: 1,2 EUR millions from Telefónica and 1,1 EUR millions from Gradiant. As for the Xunta de Galicia, it cooperates through the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN) with more than 678,000 EUR.

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