Cloud & Data Security


Prevents risks in your business thanks to safe web browsing

The Internet has become established as an essential tool for breaking geographical barriers and limitation of any business process. Effective protection of web browsing requires being able to evolve and adapt as different threats do, analyzing millions of web transactions in seconds. Web Security Gateway is a flexible and configurable service that guarantees the client's peace of mind by providing a safe and effective web navigation for all its employees irrespective of the Internet access point or device used.

Web Security Gateway provides you:

  • Control: dynamic and multilayer web filtering. It allows a more precise and flexible control of the web traffic thanks to a detailed categorization of any address, ensuring that it is productively used by the members of the organization.
  • Protection: ensures seamless protection against any kind of malware, ransomware or zero-day vulnerabilities, while allowing the user to design a customized security.
  • Prevention: configuration of policies that verify that no transaction is in violation of the data usage policy to prevent information leaks
  • Always-on global coverage: cloud service data center are based on fully meshed, fully redundant infrastructure.
  • Centralized management: real-time reporting on web usage and information about threats from a unified portal.


  • Full protection of web browsing, anytime, anywhere, for any device.
  • Implementation that is transparent to the user, without the need to deploy hardware or software in the corporate network.
  • User behavior analysis capable of detecting and preventing possible risk situations, correcting inappropriate behavior.
  • Traffic can be configured to comply with policies.
  • Continuous update using a Global Intelligence Network, with more than 175 million sensors to detect and classify threats.
  • Easy deployment, management and scaling to fit the needs of the business. Integration with corporate directories.

Target group:

  • Companies with a high geographic distribution in their web access, both nationally and multi-nationally, who want to ensure that all their employees follow the same security policies regardless of their location.
  • Clients who seek to satisfy their security needs by reducing the costs associated with deploying equipment and personnel, thanks to a security service managed with the guarantee of the Telefónica team of professional experts.
  • Companies looking for the flexibility of a hybrid security model, based on both the capabilities of their infrastructure and the elasticity and potential of the Cloud.