Network, Application & Security


WAF, protect your business from specialized web threats

Web services are the most exposed and easily reachable assets, which explains the large number of web threats that exist today and tends to favor the motivation to develop new methods to break the security of applications.

The greater the degree and time of exposure, the greater the likelihood of being a victim of a web attack and the greater the risk of suffering consequences that affect the business directly or affect it in an indirect way as the credibility of our brand or company is diminished. Damages to which the possible penalties for data leakage and information leaks would be added.

WAF brings you:

  • Continuous protection for your applications without the need for dedicated equipment or your own staff with web security skills.
  • Prevention to minimize risks of data and information leakage that provides security against attacks that exploit vulnerabilities when it is not possible to make immediate changes in the application code.
  • A scalable solution that is provided from the cloud in a way that does not require the acquisition of hardware or its expansion as the volume of web activity increases.
  • Adaptation to each application: it identifies all the contents of the applications and applies automatic and personalized protection policies that are conditioned to the particular characteristics of each application.
  • Visibility of the attacks will allow the company to understand more deeply its services and assets and thus, apply measures to improve the performance and security of its applications.


  • Cloud service without expensive and complex installations on customer premises.
  • Reduce costs thanks to the implementation of security as a service.
  • Ideal to ensure the security of commercial transactions and compliance with PCI-DSS payment regulation.
  • Helps minimize risks of sanctions associated with information leaks.
  • Service fully managed with 24×7 permanent protection and attention every day of the year.
  • The professionals who work in this service have the most recognized accreditations and expert knowledge in security, audits and development.

Target group:

  • Any company that develops web services on the Internet, being useful both for public applications and for internal applications that can be the focus of attacks that come from within the organization and turn them into security holes.
  • It is of special necessity in the case of card payment transactions for compliance with PCI-DSS regulations.