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We have developed Vamps, our product to manage security vulnerability

53% of attackers take advantage of software vulnerabilities as a gateway to the information systems of companies. Vamps provides a global view of organizations’ weaknesses, helping to identify security threats and potential attack methods against their systems and allowing a quick management of their correction.

Vamps is:

  • Innovation: implements and automates the latest pentesting techniques with its constant scanning, thus reducing the exposure time to security breaches.
  • Global view: manages detected risks and security threats, regardless of the method used to discover them, in a single web portal with access to all information added in real time.
  • Technical team: our team of experts in hacking techniques analyses and validates the vulnerabilities detected, providing corrective measures and recommendations to ensure an adequate level of security.
  • Discovery: applies access techniques used by an attacker to discover any assets that may be beyond the control of a company from an organization’s domain.
  • Effectiveness: without the need to duplicate management efforts, it quickly and effectively verifies whether vulnerabilities are repeated, new or reopened, mitigating the impact of the vulnerabilities found.



  • Persistent approach by providing an early detection and proper management of security threats from the time they are discovered, favoring their fast mitigation and minimizing the exposure time.
  • It reduces costs by not investing in additional hardware or software and also avoiding maintenance costs.
  • 24/7 support of a technical team with extensive experience, qualified and certified, which verifies each detected weakness to determine its severity and define the remediation plan, allowing organizations to focus their resources on quickly managing their correction.
  • Customization of user profiles to restrict visibility, and vulnerability management among their operation groups and/or different organizations of a corporation.
  • Discovery, inventory and customized classification of assets not limited to a range of IP addresses or specific resources. Vamps discovers all the assets of an organization that are exposed on the Internet.

Target group:

  • Organizations that want to improve their business continuity and cannot afford the cost of the necessary resources for a continuous assessment of their systems’ security, and that want to focus their resources on other core areas of the company.
  • Organizations that want to protect their reputation and their clients, and that need to take proactive measures to identify which of their assets are targets for attackers.

Technologies leveraged:

Learn more about the in-house technologies leveraged by the service Vulnerability Management:


It implements and automates all the latest pentesting techniques in a recursive, continuous process that reduces the time to detect security breaches.