Identity & Privacy



Versatile strong authentication solution for enterprise users, useful in preventing identity theft and in safeguarding the confidentiality of their company data, by replacing the use of passwords for accessing systems and applications with one or various, more secure methods such as Smartcards, eID, RFID devices or user biometric recognition.

Accessible and easy-to-launch platform that can be employed for securing workgroup teams in enterprise networks with Microsoft Active Director or LDAP Directories, and database managers such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.


  • Increased computer system access security
  • Improved user productive, eliminating the need for memorizing complex passwords
  • Low administration cost, as it is strongly integrated with the operating system
  • Simplifying fulfillment of data protection legislation, such as the Spanish LOPD
  • Doesn´t Requires hardly any setup, just install and ready



  • Windows login via smartcard or fingerprint
  • Various cards or fingerprints can be associated with each user
  • User authentication through the Kerberos protocol
  • Configurable credentials cache for accessing laptops that are disconnected from the network
  • Integrated with UAC
  • Compatible with Windows Terminal Services
  • Integrated with agents from Enterprise Single Sign-On