Identity & Privacy



Lets users access using smartcards in corporate networks with any digital certificate, reader, smartcard or USB token, with centralized validation in the corporate directory.

The solution lets individual companies decide which certification entities to trust so that their users can securely access their corporate network by simply entering their smartcard and personal identification number (PIN). Authentication is done through an advanced electronic signature via digital certificate inside the card, whose validation is carried out by the Active Directory servers through the Kerberos protocol and its PKINIT extension. This requires no modification in any of the Active Directory schemas, nor alterations in the Windows logon interface (GINA). It is therefore an easily and quickly implemented solution that has no impact on the actual network infrastructure.


  • Access with smartcards lets users do away with remembering multiple passwords
  • Easy adoption at the organization of digital certificates for future uses such as electronic signatures
  • Easily deployed and updated, strongly integrated with the operating system
  • Simplifying fulfillment of data protection legislation, such as the Spanish LOPD



  • Login in Windows via smartcard integrated with Active Directory
  • Simultaneous support of multiple CSP (Certification Service Providers)
  • Configurable credentials cache for laptops
  • Centralized MMC console for administration
  • Integration with operating system’s native certificate revocation check
  • Integratable with Single Sign-On agents of other manufacturers