Identity & Privacy



Versatile Solution for Robust Authentication and Single Sign-On

SmartID is a solution for more secure user authentication when accessing systems and applications employing the combination of various factors such as Smartcards (including eID), RFID/NFC devices or biometric fingerprint recognition.


  • Cost reduction by simplifying processes of password and card issue management.
  • Flexible. Supporting a full range of readers, cards, certificates, including eID and FNMT.
  • Simple to administer, deploy and maintain, given that it does not affect existing systems.
  • Versatile. Authentication of users on systems, web applications, terminal servers, remote VPN connections and VDI infrastructures.
  • Scalable from one to thousands of computers without compromising performance.
  • Simplifying fulfillment of data protection legislation.

Intended SmartID Users

SmartID is intended for companies and professionals who need to protect themselves against:

  • Identity theft.
  • Unauthorized accesses to data systems.
  • Information leaks, especially when handling sensitive or confidential information.
  • Excess IT operating costs linked in connection with managing user passwords or third-party certificate use limitations in the Active Directory.
  • Business process managers who use documents with revisions and/or signatures.

Use cases

  • Access to remote terminals with Windows Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp.
  • Secure access to virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI).
  • Remote VPN connection with Microsoft clients.
  • Secure email access and web email signatures (MS Exchange/OWA).
  • Secure access to web applications (IIS).

Access your corporate environment without passwords.

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