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Cyber Threat Detection Technology Based on Real-Time Information Processing

Generating valuable information with the data collected from all the sources of information is essential in intelligence services. Sinfonier integrates, processes and analyzes an organization's internal and external data, offering the information visually and in real time

Sinfonier is:

  • Innovation: a solution capable of processing and combining your company’s data, whether internal or external, irrespective of when or where it is generated.
  • Intelligence: the technology applies high-performance techniques to enable topologies to be built for analyzing the information received.
  • Real-time: analysis, processing and exploitation of the data collected in real time. 
  • Visual: a highly intuitive tool for integrating and analyzing large volumes of information irrespective of its source through a drag & drop interface. 
  • Simplicity: its ease of use enables security experts to develop intelligence algorithms quickly. 



  • It processes and analyzes all the information available in external data sources, enabling teams of security analysts to identify and detect possible digital threats, improving their decision-making processes. 
  • It interprets reality more objectively and precisely based on the information processed, creating actionable information and building a basic infrastructure for intelligence services.
  • It integrates, processes and generates valuable information with the data collected thanks to the combination of multiple sources of information, both internal and external. 
  • It simplifies and improves the threat detection process through the quick response offered by its data processing and its available sources of information.

Target group:

  • Companies that need to analyze large volumes of data and information in real time and make the most of them. 
  • Security experts and analysts providing security or cyberintelligence services. 
  • Are law enforcement agencies (LEA). 

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