Data Loss Prevention


Shadow Takes Traceability to Printed Paper

Shadow is a technology that enables traceability of documents by means of imperceptible watermarking techniques applied to text documents. Shadow provides valuable hints in case an illegal leak of information occurs, helping to identify the responsible(s) of the infringement.

Shadow: Document traceability and security

Liliac is an innovative technology anti-counterfeiting developed and patented by Alise Devices to protect official documents against counterfeit. This security feature is addressed to untrained inspectors (end users) since it allows a fast and infallible authentication with no need of special devices during the checking process.

Shadow renders each document copy unique, offering each document holder a “personal” copy (mark identifying the owner) by means of small non-intrusive modifications that produce a marked document seemingly identical to the original one. This hidden information, resistant to numerous distortions such as those produced by printing, photocopying and scanning, allows the system to identify, by extracting the mark, the owner of the document.

Shadow is capable of detecting where leakages have been produced and who is accountable for it, whether it is accidental or on purpose.

SHADOW is in the files


  • Transparent and imperceptible to the user.
  • Information embedded as watermark, linkable to sender, receiver, timestamp, etc.
  • Fully integrable with documental management, solutions, email platforms, printing hardware, etc.
  • Fully compatible with any kind of paper.
  • Print and scan technologies independent.
  • Supports non rasterized PDF documents.
  • Original document not needed in order to extract watermarks.