Managed Security Operations


Your business' security centralized in one place

70% of small & medium businesses are targets of cyberattacks, with the objective of stealing their data or using their infrastructure for any kind of malicious activity. Resource limitation means long detection and response times for cyberattacks. Security Monitoring stores the events from all your devices on a secure central platform. It offers a unified view in real-time through a powerful and yet easy-to-use web interface, helping you to detect possible cyberattacks and providing you with complete traceability of what happens within your infrastructure. At the same time, it can collect information from customized sources, enabling unique insights into how IT affects your business. Have everything under control, in an easy and affordable way.

Security Monitoring gives you:

  • Global view: detailed information about the status and the security of all your devices in one location, easily accessible through a web portal.
  • Real-time: 24×7 event collection and real-time analytics framework both for streaming data as well as long-term stored data.
  • Intelligence: event correlation enabling detection of complex attacks on your organization’s security and IT systems.
  • Anticipation: monitor your resource usage and your security status in real-time, so that you can respond appropriately before your business experiences a significant loss.
  • Compliance: storage of any kind of device logs for the required period of time in order to allow you to comply with different security and data protection regulations.


  • SaaS model, without requiring investment in infrastructure or licenses. Pay for only what you use and enjoy automatic scalability.
  • 24×7 monitoring of all your equipment independently of its location (whether it is on your own premises, in the cloud or a hybrid architecture).
  • Reduces security incident’s detection times, offering a unified control point that centralizes all your information.
  • Receive both predefined and customized alerts directly by email, to have everything under control from anywhere.
  • Identify how security affects your business processes by adding your business applications and creating custom indicators and reports.
  • Helps to achieve regulatory and normative compliance (RGPD, PCI-DSS…)

Who is it intended for?

Security Monitoring is designed for and focused on small and medium-sized businesses that need to have visibility of their devices’ security events, in order to detect security incidents and to take corrective actions, offering:

  • Complete traceability of attacks, helping with forensic analysis. Those registered on your devices are securely and centrally stored, having all your information accessible in a single place and preventing the possibility of it being tampered with.
  • Logs retention to accomplish security and data protection regulations.
  • Unique insight into how security affects to your business processes.