Cloud & Data Security


Control and Protect the Information

Secure Collaboration protects documents applying the information rights management technology (IRM), it deletes the hidden content that the documents content and includes an invisible digital footprint on the critical or sensitive documents providing evidences to discover the responsible source in case there is any data leakage.

Also, guarantees that the documents are shared correctly and they are available only to the people with the right permissions, contributing to a higher control of the visible and hidden information that they contain, therefore applying a flexible and persistent protection anywhere and anytime.

Main features:

  • Persistent protection that accompanies the document inside and outside the network.
  • Allows controlling remotely the documents that have gone out of the organization.
  • Deletes metadata and hidden information that could fall on malicious hands and pose a serious security problem.
  • Identifies the source of a pdf document using stenography techniques with information linked to sender, receiver, printing date, etc.
  • It provides full audit of access independently of where the documents are with information about who, when, where access them, alerts, etc.
  • I does not store any document; it only maintains the link between user, access type and document ID.
  • Provides information encryption making it easier for the rules and law compliancy related to security and data protection: GDPR, ENS, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, ISO 27001.
  • Management with tools and most common file extensions.
  • Easy and intuitive use.


  • Protection of visible and hidden content for sharing documents using metadata encryption and management, guarantying that only allowed users can do any action on them, either in or out of the organization, using any device and anytime, minimizing the risks and maximizing the trust.
  • Identify the documents detected out of the scope of the organization hiding the information about source and destination of confident documents, allowing the identification of the responsible subject in case there is any data leakage, or as a confirmation of the electronic signature derived from the hidden information embedded in the published documents in digital environments or paper format.