Identity & Access Management


SealSign Signbox

Electronic and biometric signature flow which allows you to sign from wherever you are and with any device

SignBox is a web and mobile application where the users receive all of the documents which are pending signatures, with a function similar to a mailbox. It is available from an inbox where you can deposit the documents pending signatures, in an outbox for the signed documents and a box with the documents that could not be signed or with an error.

It allows role-based management, thus assigning to each user the necessary permissions for the actions which it needs to carry it out within the application with a 100% customizable interface. It adapts to each organization, allowing for savings in resources and time, as well as improved agility associated to the signature processes.

It allows both the electronic signature for electronic certificates as well as biometric signatures for documents from devices, which allows the capture of the necessary biometric data, such as the signature in client mode (the certificate to be used for the signature is stored in the client device: PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) or server (the certificate to be used for the signature is stored in a centralized certificate repository).

Available from a customizable notifications system for each user, this could define what events generate a notification by sending an email.


  • Signature request (documents sent to be signed).
  • Creation of signature requests for a user. Additionally, they can include metadata for applications, urgency indicator, the signature deadline, the reason behind it and furthermore, for each one of the requests it maintains a record of all of the actions carried out within it, indicating the date, user, action and motive.
  • Management of the document list.
  • Work flows. It allows us to create series and parallel work flows, through a simple interface, associating each step to the intervening user and the action which they do. It also allows connection with external motors and work flows.
  • External connections. The possibility of automating the inclusion of documents in the portafirmas (which is an application which inserts documents).
  • Connection to document libraries and document managers (SealSign DocumentProvider).
  • Delegation possibility (resend documents to another user) defined by the specific user in their web interface and the definition of relevant standards.
  • All of the functions are accessible through the web services.



  • Greater agility within the processes.
  • Document control and traceability.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Document signatures with legal validity.
  • Intuitive and ubiquitous solution.
  • Integrable with the company´s information systems.
  • Usability by providing three interfaces, web, mobile and a native version for IPAD.



  • Secure Access and encrypted information.
  • Access from any web browser which is compatible with HTML5.
  • Does not require device software installation.
  • Supports the main electronic signature standards.
  • Notifications by email and SMS.
  • User personalization.
  • Business role management.
  • Appearance adapts to the corporate image.
  • Auto-management of the certificates by the user.


Who is it aimed at?

  • Companies in which the signing of contracts, approvals, visas or any other type of document is regular or habitual and any place that has access to data which needs to be signed.



  • Signature of provider contracts.
  • Signature of informed consent.
  • Signature of contracting documents.