Identity & Access Management


SealSign Engine

Signature, validation and time stamping server

An advanced and comprehensive engine for signing any sort of electronic document, that supports the most recent electronic signature standards, equipped with signature components that are compatible with multiple web browsers and mobile devices.

Signature for any sort of electronic document, including the most common formats such as PDF, XML, binaries, and Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents, with the possibility of generating advanced signature formats, viz., CAdES, XAdES and PAdES in their different profiles.

Platform fully based on web services for simplifying its integration with business applications. Equipped with a Java lightweight applet for signatures from different web browsers in addition to Java and .NET classes for integration in business applications and modules for integration with different document repositories and/or managers.

Likewise provides components and examples for signature engine integration into native and web applications that execute or gain access on standard smartphones or tablets such as Apple iPad/iPhone, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows.


  • High-performance scalable server (up to 32 servers in parallel)
  • Easy application integration with web service-based SOA architecture
  • Secure, since it allows the use of HSM devices from different manufacturers, smartcards/tokens and the Spanish eID
  • Comprehensive, since it integrates all elements for generating valid long-term signatures
  • Integrated with platform modules such as biometric signature engine and secure document custody



  • Signature on any electronic document type (XML, PDF, Office, OpenOffice and binaries)
  • Includes full Validation Authority for multi-PKI digital certificates
  • Includes a Timestamping Authority
  • Signatures for server-side documents
  • Lightweight client for signing documents from web browsers
  • Signing documents on mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablets
  • Support for advanced signature standards such as CAdES, XAdES and PAdES


Target group

  • Companies that need to develop applications or apps that require an advanced electronic signature.
  • Companies that need to manage large volumes of signatures or that don’t want to make developments for the integration.
  • Companies that need to ensure that when the document must be signed by two parties, there is no alteration.


Use cases

  • Automated signature of delivery notes for the transportation.
  • Automated document signing.