Identity & Access Management


SealSign eArchive

Long-term archiving of electronically-signed documents

The legal requirement for storing electronic documents during long periods of time calls for systems that can guarantee their integrity and inalterability.

However, the constantly increasing calculating power of computers threatens current encryption systems. In this regard, a password-based signature algorithm considered today to be secure will no longer be within a few years. In case of legal conflict, there should be mechanisms for demonstrating that the document has not been altered since its creation or signing.


  • Secure archiving of electronic documents with mechanisms that guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of documents
  • Ease of archived electronic document cataloging and searching by adding metadata to the documents
  • Automation of maintenance tasks for large volumes of archived documents, periodic resigning with the latest secure algorithms, and purging of expired documents
  • Control over access to documents lets users recover any archived document in seconds, thus preventing tampering, and keeps a record of all accesses


  • Creation of secure containers (AES encryption) for documents of up to 250 TB each
  • Single ID assignment to each document when archiving, digitally enveloping with an electronic signature, and time stamping
  • Possibility of annexing a variable number of metadata to each document for simplifying future location
  • Definition of periodic resigning, retention and access control policies
  • Detailed audit of operations and possibility of generating reports


Target group

  • Companies with a legal requirement to store electronic documents during long periods of time with systems that can guarantee the integrity and inalterability of documents.
  • Companies that need the electronic documents to be legally valid.