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SealSign BioSignature

Biometric signature for documents with legal validity

SealSign BioSignature, is a SealSign signature platform module enabling electronic document signatures, via a hand-written signature with a mouse or touch-pen on a screen with graphic tracing, and data capture to conform the biometric pattern of the signatory.

The data captured during the signature (XY position time, speed, acceleration and pressure/thickness) are unequivocally linked to the content of the signed document, and immediately encrypted, to prevent them from being reused fraudulently in other documents without the consent or knowledge of the signatory, whose confidentiality is thus safeguarded. The biometric data storage format corresponds to international standard ISO/IEC 19794-7:2014 protecting investments made and guaranteeing the compatibility of signed electronic documents.

The resulting signed document fulfils the requirements under article 3.2 of the Electronic Signature Act (Law 59/2003) for advanced electronic signatures, enabling the unequivocal identification of the signer, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the captured biometric information, enabling verification of the integrity and non-alteration of the document once signed and the commitment with the content expressed by the signer upon signing.

The signing of a document can be made in three simple steps.

The solution has undergone various legal examinations by prestigious legal firms, who have issued reports endorsing the full validity of the documents generated as evidence in legal proceeding within the scope of different economic sectors. Additionally, the captured calligraphic and biometric data were meticulously analyzed by numerous calligraphy experts to guarantee their viability and validity for authenticating signatures in legal proceedings with at least the same guarantees as paper-bound signatures.

SealSign BioSignature can capture signatures on multiple devices, and has signature capture components for numerous tablet types such as Android, Windows 8/RT, Apple iOS and BlackBerry, as well as desktop or laptop computers equipped with a signature digitalizing tablet of different manufacturers.

This module permits electronic document signatures from anywhere via Smartphone, Tablet or PC, through a widely accepted method with legal validity; thus affording guarantees of integrity, authorship and non-rejection of the document.

This is based on the handwritten signature of a person on a capture device with touchscreen. The capture device records parameters such as speed and pressure during the signature and generates a calligraphic pattern of the signature from these parameters.

Target group

  • Companies that want to replace the hiring process on paper for a legal digital method.
  • Companies that want to include the biometric signature process for their business deals.

Use cases

  • Informed consent signature, identification of medical personnel or any other type of document.
  • Signature of delivery notes, signing contracts, signature process for purchases, review signature, policies, customer identification and patents.