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Global Security Knowledge to Improve Your Business

They say that if you don't know what's going on in your organization, you don't know what to do when there's a security incident. SandaS correlates the relevant security information for you in an advanced fashion; it categorizes and reports incidents and allows you to visualize that information, providing you with automatic responses in real time. SandaS helps you discover what is going on in your company's computer security immediately and agilely.

SandaS is:

  • Innovation: the combination of information that is internal and external to the organization enriches the advanced detection of security incidents.
  • Intelligence: high capacity for correlating security information and administering events. Its advanced intelligence algorithms allow security incidents that are not perceived for SIEMs to be detected.
  • Collaborative detection: adds multiple internal and external data sources, acquiring information from the internet and the physical world (admissions to parking lot, turnstile entrances to buildings, etc.).
  • Integral solution: technology for the analysis, supervision, categorization, notification and immediate response to information security incidents.
  • Real time: real-time visualization of information regarding incidents and alerts detected.


  • Improves resolution time for incidents and mitigation of their impact thanks to the automatic response.
  • Advanced detection in comparison with other market solutions thanks to the combination of multiple sources of both internal and external information.
  • Greater management efficiency thanks to real-time information, adapting relevant notifications to the indicated persons for each incident.
  • Their immediacy provides a real-time view of all the information: incidents and alerts, indicators and service levels, and configurable control panels.