Identity & Access Management


Privileged Access Management: Smart PAM

Combines access management for privileged accounts with off-the-shelf strong authentication mechanisms, providing additional protection, control and visibility over the privileged accounts activity.

SmartPAM stablishes a control barrier dissociating privileged users nominal accounts from the generic privileged accounts to manage the critical assets, allowing to stablish an intermediary element to control their access and activity.

SmartPAM integrates Latch with standard PAM solutions to offer improved versatility and security on the access of the end user in a simple manner, to help companies to achieve their goals of protecting privileged access to their most critical assets in any environment.


  • Privileged User Access: SmartPAM is capable of integrating with company’s IAM tools and environment, allowing privileged users to authenticate using Active Directory, LDAP, Radius and the multi-factor authentication systems reinforcing security without damaging the end user experience.
  • Credential Protection and Management: protects privileged account on the critical systems storing and communicating securely passwords and SSH keys only to the authorized identities.
  • Centralized Protection and Management: SmartPAM discovers and creates and inventory of the privileged accounts of the systems integrated with it and it is capable of reading user repositories to import the associated roles and right structures. Once reached this point, it allows to define granular access policies.
  • Session Control and Monitoring.
  • Application-to-Application Communication: eliminates the necessity to hardcode passwords and SSH key in the applications.
  • Advanced Analytics and SIEM Integration: SmartPAM provides with precise alerts over potential dangerous or suspicious activity which could be symptom of an attempt of malicious activity.


  • Management and secure automated protection for the credentials of the privileged accounts.
  • Control of the privileged activity through security policies stablished over the access to critical assets.
  • Workflow simplification and preauthorization mechanisms.
  • Visibility and traceability over the activity and actions performed with privileged accounts.
  • High availability, scalable distributed architecture based on an autonomous element being it intermediary between privileged users and critical assets.
  • Flexible design capable of integration with on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Easy access for end users, either using console or through a Single Sing On web experience.
  • Extra access protection based on a smartphone app and cloud architecture for privileged users to be controlled and secured.

Target group:

  • Medium and Large Enterprise
  • MNCs