Device Security


Multi-Device Protection

Online threats increase every day, even for small and medium sized companies. Multi-Device Protection is a security solution that enables you to protect the different types of devices you use in your business with one product. It provides real-time protection for your phones, tablets, laptops and desktops (PCs and Macs) against existing IT threats (viruses, spam, phishing, etc.) and against loss or theft.

Keep your business safe from online threats online.

Multi-Device Protection gives you:

  • Safer internet browsing. It notifies you if a connection to a public WiFi or website seems suspicious.
  • Real-time protection against viruses and spam, always up-to-date. It keeps your data safe from the main digital threats and blocks dangerous or unwanted emails and unwanted calls to your mobile phone.
  • Safe storage and automatic administration of your passwords to give you easy and safe access without having to enter your credentials at the start of every session.
  • Localisation of lost or stolen mobile devices and protection of your information. Locates your smartphone or tablet on a map and allows you to send it a message or sound alert. You can also block them so that nobody can access your information. If you want, you can also remotely delete the information they contain.


  • You business is protected against cyber criminals at a reasonable price.
  • All your devices, or those of each of your employees, are protected under one licence.
  • Very easy to install and use: from one online console for all your devices and without administration tasks.
  • Adapts to your needs: you can increase or decrease the number of devices to be protected and change the protection from one to another.

Who is it intended for?

Multi-Device Protection is for small and medium sized companies that:

  • Use Internet connection.
  • Have sensitive business information.
  • Have several devices that they need to protect.