Smart Access

Mobile Connect


The new standard in digital authentication.

Mobile Connect is a secure universal log-in solution. Simply by matching the user to their mobile phone, Mobile Connect allows them to log-in to websites and applications quickly without the need to remember passwords and usernames. It’s safe, secure and no personal information is shared without permission.

Make log-in easy, private and safe

Mobile Connect is a user authentication and identity service based on the OpenID Connect / OAuth2 standards - it is similar to other authentication/ identity services that are often incorporated into applications and services except for one major difference, that authentication is performed by a user of a mobile phone.

Privacy is at the heart of the Mobile Connect. Mobile Connect is about placing individuals and their mobiles at the heart of identity services and letting them control when, how or if they wish to expose their real identities.

Mobile Connect is actually provided by individual mobile network operators - who deliver Mobile Connect through a consistent technical interface.

Customer Problems Targeted

  • Use of passwords is not a good user experience.
  • Passwords are not a secure authentication mechanism.
  • Consumers are concerned about privacy.

Benefits for Service Providers and Developers

  • Less frustration for end-users – fewer dropped logins, more frequent visits – better engagement and user experience.
  • More secure than passwords – no database of passwords to steal.
  • Fewer fake accounts – it has to be a real person behind the phone.
  • Extensive use cases – authentication is an essential part of everyday life (online log-ins, identification for call centres, second factor authentication as alternative to SMS).
  • Single API to reach all participating Operators, reduces complexity and costs; global standard.
  • Consistent user experience – delivers trust, with built in privacy, association with strong Operator brand.
  • Future-ready platform – will extend into context and rich user attributes validating user identity.
  • Service reaching a global user base on any device – desktop, tablet and mobile.