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Regain control of your Mobile Channel

Mobile apps are a key part of many organisations’ channel strategies to acquire and maintain relations with clients. Unfortunately, this tendency has given way to the apparition of critical vulnerabilities in those companies’ official apps. Threats to users are exponentially evolving through apps developed by malicious individuals, representing a risk to the security and privacy of users and organisations.

Our “Mobile Channel Risks” service offers:

  • Continuous security analysis of the organisation’s official apps to detect vulnerabilities, information leaks and other apparent security risks.
  • Autonomous discovery of the entire pool of apps, regularly identifying new apps and versions belonging to the company.
  • Ongoing monitoring of official and unofficial markets, detecting third-party apps in real time that aim to impersonate and/or do harm to the company.
  • Proactive withdrawal of suspicious third-party apps from markets and behaviour analysis to contextualise relevant threats, malicious users and campaigns.


  • Centralised view of the security status of your mobile apps, facilitating the identification, management and correction of any vulnerabilities or security risks.
  • Complete control of your mobile channel through an autonomous discovery system that allows you to have an updated view of your entire pool of apps.
  • Visibility and anticipation against mobile threats aimed at users of your organisation, encompassing the campaigns, techniques and actors involved.
  • Outsource the withdrawal of suspicious and/or malicious apps from mobile markets (official and unofficial) that are harbouring them.

Risks covered under our offer:

Our services offer full coverage against risks in the mobile channel, that is “risks inside” (arising from vulnerabilities in the organisation’s official apps) and “risks outside” (from suspicious third-party apps targeting the company’s users).

Technology leveraged:

Learn more about the in-house technologies leveraged by the service Mobile Channel Risks:


A technology designed to help organisations proactively discover and analyse their mobile apps, making it possible to continuously identify new vulnerabilities in their apps.


A cyber-intelligence tool that monitors, analyses and correlates main markets for mobile apps, thereby facilitating the process of detecting and investigating mobile threats and reducing their impact on organisations.