Data Loss Prevention

Start preventing data leaks immediately.

There is a version of all security solutions of Metashield Protector that fits every specific need of your organization. Choose yours.

Features Stand-Alone Corporative + Console
The user has control over the processing Yes Yes *
They allow for mass deployment Yes Yes
Centralised distribution of use and update licences - Yes
They allow you to select the processing engine - Yes
They support encoded communication with the centralised processing engine - Yes
Control and management using Metashield Management Console - Yes
They apply common processing policies defined by the organisation - Yes
They admit centralised management of the processing profiles - Yes
They execute tasks predefined in the console - Yes
They contribute with statistical-evolutionary results and reports - Yes

Pricing and purchasing options

Stand-Alone Corporative + Console
Target group Protect the documentaries enviroments of your organization. Metashield Protector offers diferent versions of the products designed to fit the needs of your organization, regardless of its size. Ideal for professionals and SMEs. Added value for large organizations.
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