Data Loss Prevention

The perfect solution for forensic and security analysts .

For an organization, one of the most valuable assets is the information and data it handles. Metashield Forensics is the perfect solution to extract digital evidence of hidden metadata and sensitive information of digital files, complying properly with corporate security policies, regulations in force, and contributing to the resolution of any forensic case.

Metashield Forensics is:

  • Innovation: detected metadata  analysis  in systems audits.
  • Efficient: quick answers to all questions surrounding and contributing to the resolution of forensic investigations.
  • Tranquility: ensures the application of preventive measures against information leaks.
  • Simplicity: intuitive software application for the discovery of digital evidences.
  • Legal support: the best legal support for forensic investigations.

Metashield Forensics


  • Prevention and detection to facilitates evaluation and discovery of the metadata associated with system audits.
  • Allows you to quickly and easily keep track of document evidence produced over a certain period of time.
  • Detects file hashes that demostrate file integrity and legal admissibility for forensic investigations.
  • Collection of evidence through metadata in files when detect intrusions or unwanted access to your organization.
  • Extracts all metadata associated with files under analysis, and provides a simple yet powerful means to identify and visualize the actions and events performed on them.