Data Loss Prevention

A continuous protection tool for lcleaning metadata in Microsoft® SharePoint servers.

Organizations, which are increasingly more present in the digital world, expose more and more content on the Internet everyday.If confidential information derived from leaks of sensitive information fall into the hands of malicious third-parties, the economic and reputational impact for our organization would be irreversible. Metashield for SharePoint ensures total protection of hidden information stored in SharePoint repositories.

Metashield for Sharepoint is:

  • Security: continuous protection against leaks of information in website environments.
  • Simplicity: easy-to-install tool for automated processing.
  • Customizable: customized cleaning of files without altering the original document.
  • Scalable: software solution with installation in new website portals.
  • Control: availability in independent server environments or in farm distributed topologies.

Metashield for Sharepoint


  • Prevention and detection of leaks of sensitive information hidden in digital documents or files.
  • Application of corporate homogenous prevention security policies.
  • Management of all the hidden information associated with the documents, enabling control over the processing and application profiles on the desired extensions.
  • Reduced economic and reputational impact resulting from the malicious use of metadata.
  • Facilitates compliance with the regulations for personal information protection, LOPD, ENS, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX.