Data Loss Prevention

Eliminates the threat of sensitive and hidden information leaks for files in Outlook 365.

Email evolves and adapts to new businesses and work environments, but the risk of information leaks still remains. Security breaches, confidential data or geolocation are continuously beyond our control.   Metashield Outlook 365 is a scalable and flexible solution with a single purpose: to ensure the delivery of attachments free of sensitive information that may affect the security, privacy and reputation of the organization.

Metashield for Outlook 365 is:

  • Simplicity: Tool with a centralized deployment.
  • Control: Implementation and control over corporate processing policies.
  • Customizable: Different management models, internal or external.
  • Clean-up: Simultaneous processing of files, not modifying the original.
  • Effective: It supports a large number of extensions.

Metashield for Outlook 365


  • Prevention and detection of leaks of sensitive information hidden in documents or digital files.
  • Implementation of homogeneous corporate policies to prevent leaks of sensitive information or data.
  • Management of all the hidden information associated with documents allowing control over the processing profiles and implementation on the desired extensions.
  • Reduction of the economic and reputational impact resulting from the malicious use of metadata.
  • Facilitation of the compliance with regulations regarding the security and protection of personal information, LOPD (Data Protection Law), ENS (National Security Framework), PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX.