Data Loss Prevention

A simple desktop app for cleaning metadata on client systems.

An organization's information is constantly moving, which creates a huge security risk for the company if the information leaves the corporate scope of control. Metashield for Client enables organizations to clean up sensitive hidden information on demand that is found to be associated to the metadata of files on workstations.

Metashield for Client is:

  • Convenience: a personal solution for cleaning metadata on client systems.
  • Scalable: desktop app to be installed station by station or in bulk using the Active Directory.
  • Customizable: customized cleaning of files without altering the original document.
  • Multiple cleaning: simultaneous processing and cleaning of groups of files.
  • Simplicity: transparent integration in the Windows context menu.

Metashield for Client


  • Prevention and detection of leaks of sensitive information hidden in digital documents or files.
  • Application of corporate homogenous prevention security policies.
  • Management of all the hidden information associated with the documents, enabling control over the processing and application profiles on the desired extensions.
  • Reduced economic and reputational impact resulting from the malicious use of metadata.
  • Facilitates compliance with the regulations for personal information protection, LOPD, ENS, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX.