Data Loss Prevention

An Online Service Designed for the Analysis and Cleaning Metadata

The amount of digital information increases and evolve to new scenarios, where is fundamental to avoid leakage or high exposure of metadata information in light of identity theft or attacks on organizations. Metashield Clean-up Online provides the necessary tools for detection and mitigation of these risks, by completely protecting confidential information included on digital files.

Metashield Clean-up Online is:

  • Innovation: designed solution and adapted to detect and eliminate metadata.
  • Safety: protection against sensitive information leakage.
  • Simplicity: web based solution, which does not need customer integration.
  • Customizable: customization of the cleaning process and the files to be treated.
  • Multiple cleansing: automatic treatment without modification of the original file.

Metashield Clean-up Online


  • Prevention and detection of leaks of sensitive information hidden in digital documents or files.
  • Application of corporate homogeneous prevention policies for leaks of information.
  • Management of all the hidden information associated with the documents, enabling control over the processing and application profiles on the desired extensions.
  • Reduced economic and reputational losses resulting from the malicious use of metadata.
  • Facilitates compliance with the standards and regulations for personal information protection, GDPR, LOPD, ENS, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX.