Data Loss Prevention

It extracts and classifies sensitive information from files providing a determining value to anti-fraud systems in the market.

Online frauds cause losses that amount to more than 12,000 million euros a year only in Europe. A large part of them is carried out through images or files, and up to now we did not have a proper mechanism to detect them. Metashield Analyzer provides an API for metadata mining and helps in the fight against fraud and document manipulation, significantly reducing investment costs in claim management as well as costs arising from acts of fraud.

Metashield Analyzer is:

  • Security: powerful tool with a clear purpose, to collect information.
  • Filtering: custom extraction of files by extension.
  • Exportable: processing of information in order to ease its further export and analysis.
  • Advanced: it detects more than 500 different types of metadata.
  • Efficiency: high speed processing that extracts information quickly.

Metashield Analyzer


  • Detection and extraction of sensitive information hidden in multimedia documents or files.
  • Classified export of results to facilitate the integration with information analysis and management tools.
  • Reduction of the investment costs in prevention and detection of digital frauds.
  • Reduction of the economic and reputational impact resulting from the malicious use of metadata.
  • Facilitation of the compliance with regulations regarding the security and protection of personal information, LOPD (Data Protection Law), ENS (National Security Framework), PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX.