Data Loss Prevention

Your online tool for discovering and analyzing metadata, wherever you are.

Metadata is information on data hidden in the documents that we tend to work with on a daily basis. This silent data could expose sensitive or confidential information about our work, business relationships, corporate image, customers or employees. Metashield Analyzer is an online service that allows you to analyze the metadata hidden in your digital documents or files, no matter where you are.

Metashield Analyzer is:

  • Digital: online tool for discovering and analyzing metadata.
  • Control: real-time discovery of sensitive information hidden in files.
  • Simplicity: an intuitive tool for the automated processing of metadata.
  • Control: maximum protection for your digital documents or files.
  • Security: it does not store the files or the metadata that is found.


  • Prevention and detection of leaks of sensitive information hidden in digital documents or files.Total control over the application of homogenous prevention security policies for metadata.
  • Free discovery and analysis of the metadata hidden in digital files or documents.
  • Safe, easy and definitive cleaning of metadata by purchasing any of the Metashield Protector security solutions (this will take you to the Metashield Protector homepage).