Mobile Channel Risk


Trace & Check Your App Weaknesses

Organizations are increasingly using their mobile channels to connect with their customers and employees, promoting an incessant development of new mobile applications. Therefore, it's normal that organizations don't have a full view of all their apps and versions, thus losing control of their mobile channel. This results in critical vulnerabilities and other breaches of security.

mASAPP can automatically discover all the apps published in official and non-official markets that are somehow related with an organization, analyzing them in real time and continuously identifying new security risks.

mASAPP is:

  • Discovery, an innovate proposal to autonomously discover applications.
  • Vision, continuously analyze and identify vulnerabilities and other security risks.
  • Thoroughness, non-stop in-depth analyses, including static, dynamic, library and backend testing.
  • Precision, helps to identify and correct security breaches by delivering actionable information.
  • Immediacy, powerful Big Data engine to classify, search and analyze from millions of apps.



  • Centralized view of the security status of all your published apps, continuously identifying new vulnerabilities through security analysis persistently performed.
  • Full control over your mobile ecosystem thanks to the proactive discovery system which identifies all your apps and new versions (including those which the organization was not aware of), while notifies of those which have been removed from the market.
  • Tracking over the whole lifecycle of your mobile apps. This simplifies the identification and monitoring of new vulnerabilities which could arise over time, thus facilitating their prompt fixing.
  • User-friendly. It does not require technical knowledge or source code understanding to identify the existing vulnerabilities within the apps analyzed.

Target group:

  • Digital footprint organizations that need to regain control over their official mobile applications and require a solution to obtain a continuous and up-to-date vision of their entire mobile channel.
  • Entities which implement mobile channels to communicate with their customers and employees, and need to continuously understand the security risks to which their apps may be exposed.
  • Organizations that implement an SDLC process and need to monitor their developed applications to identify future vulnerabilities that could arise over time.

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