Digital Exposure

mASAPP Online analyzes the vulnerabilities of your apps

A comprehensive vulnerability & behavioural check for mobile apps. mASAPP Online reports potential security breaches to prevent attacks from malicious actors, it also warns about behaviors that could potentially have a detrimental impact on our apps.

mASAPP Online is as simple as uploading the app file when it is ready to publish on the apps market and requesting an analysis. The service will provide a comprehensive security report with recommendations and proposals of corrective measures within just a few minutes.

‘mASAPP Online’ is:

  • Vision, continuously analyze and identify vulnerabilities and other security risks.
  • Thoroughness, in-depth analyses, including static, dynamic, library and backend testing.
  • Accuracy, helps to identify and correct security breaches by delivering actionable information.



  • Simplicity in the app upload and analysis process. The user interface is simple and intuitive since it does not require the installation of applications or plugins on the user’s computer.
  • Full view of all of your apps’ security status from a personal workspace.
  • Traceability of your mobile apps’ life cycle. Showing the different app versions’ evolution and the new vulnerabilities that could appear, aiding to effective remediation and correction.
  • Accuracy, it assists in the identification and correction of security breaches by providing actionable information.

Target group:

  • Developers that seek a quick security assessment and behavioral optimization of their apps.
  • Entities that communicate with their customers and employees via mobile channels and need to understand the exposure of their apps to security risks.
  • Organizations that implement an SDLC process and need to monitor their applications to identify and anticipate vulnerabilities that could materialise in the future.