Identity and Privacy


Revolutionary Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

Official documents such as banknotes, personal ID cards, passport and driving licenses, are the most secure and protected products in the world given they include multiple security elements constantly renewed. However, end users are unprotected and exposed to counterfeit threat given they lack user-friendly tools.

Physical Document protection technologies against to supplant identity theft and counterfeiting

Liliac is an innovative technology anti-counterfeiting developed and patented by Alise Devices to protect official documents against counterfeit. This security feature is addressed to untrained inspectors (end users) since it allows a fast and infallible authentication with no need of special devices during the checking process.

Liliac is a very thin plastic film extremely resistant to high pressure and high temperatures. All colors available, it is transparent while colored to daylight and when it is placed against a display hidden and clearly defined images appear.


Watch the Liliac video in the our Security Innovation Day 2014

Liliac is:

  • Innovation: a unique and novel visual solution totally different to the existing alternatives.
  • Robustness: the technology is internationally patent protected and its complex multi-step manufacturing process makes it resistant against copy and simulation.
  • Versatility: aesthetically adaptable to any product in terms of size, color, shape and design.
  • Appeal: It invites end users to pay attention. It is much more eye-catching than any other security visual security solution.
  • Resistant: Capable of withstanding the most exigent manufacturing and integration processes, it is appropriate to be included in any official document.


  • Addressed to untrained end-users, neither special devices nor technical skills are required for the checking process.
  • Visually verifiable thought a very intuitive process, it allows a reliable confirmation of the product’s authenticity.
  • Fully in line with the current trend in the sector to include transparent window based security elements to avoid counterfeiting.
  • The display of any everyday device allows its verification.
  • The innovative and sophisticated technology patent protected makes it robust against copies and simulations.