IoT Security


Securing the IoT, a world where objects and people are securely connected to the network.

Hacking against cameras, hard drives, IP networks, Smart meters or cars. Smart TVs that monitor and emit unencrypted conversations on the Internet. In other words, millions of devices connected to each other and to the Internet that are accessible and provide information in real time. When personal and business information appears in the network with no filters or security, there is no second chance.

When millions of hyperconnected devices use different technologies, the real challenge is to provide scalable security solutions that respond to the needs of heterogeneity and scalability that the Internet of Things is imposing.

"Scope, scale and risk like never before:
Securing the Internet of Things".
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Discover how our security solutions for IoT work

Trusted Public Key Infrastructure

Service that identifies uniquely IoT devices through digital certificates, providing a strong authentication between networked objects and client services.


CyberThreats has the feature for an early detection and identification of the modus vivendi of cybercriminals, and their attack techniques.


Vamps detects security threats in every IoT device within your corporate environment. Moreover, thanks to the FaasT technology, we perform a continuous scan of your systems. 

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Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring identifies anomalous behaviours of IoT devices based on their network traffic and their operation logs.

Incident Response

Team of experts to assess the impact of a vulnerability in your infrastructure, developing an action plan and helping to prevent potential security risks.