IoT Security


A Hyperconnected World in a Secure Way

Mobile Network Operators (MNO) have native advantages for providing security to the IoT ecosystem, such as network availability, data encryption or device authentication. These facts set a strong foundation for enabling MNO as providers of compelling B2B security propositions that extend their core security capabilities.

Telefónica and their cybersecurity unit ElevenPaths, offers IoT Security services that leverage on the networks to reduce complexity on the endpoint and secure its integration with the service platform. These security products are based on the IoT P&S, amongs which the Telefónica IoT Connectivity Platform plays a main role. On top of that, IoT Security specific services are built, relaying on the strength of the eleven Telefónica SOCs. Additionally, the security services of ElevenPaths are extended to cover and protect the IoT world.

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Discover how our IoT Security services work

Secure Credentials

Simplifies the management of IoT device credentials by provisioning them in an efficient manner relying on the assets of an MNO.

IoT Threat Detection

Analyses network traffic to protect IoT devices by profiling them and detecting patterns that deviate from their normal behavior.

Secured by DNS

Acts as a first line of defense, detecting and blocking IoT device requests for domain name resolution to malicious sites


Telefónica has a global Security Operations Center (SOC) and ten local ones, that are in charge of the operation of our services.

Our security products adapted to IoT are the following:

Sandas GRC

SandaS GRC helps with governance, risk and compliance. Regarding IoT, it assesses the security of IoT deployments according to GSMA IoT Security Guidelines & Assessment.


This tool has the feature for an early detection and identification of the modus vivendi of cybercriminals, and their attack techniques.


Vamps detects security threats in IoT devices within your corporate environment. Moreover, thanks to the  FaasT technology, a continuous scan of your systems is performed.