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Our Identity Poposal Turns the Mobile Device Into the New Digital Identity Generation for the People

Can you imagine life without your mobile phone? Your phone is always with you, it helps you keep in touch with others, store your memories, you use it for fun but also for work, you personalize it and use it your way. In short, there is no doubt that we have a special relationship with our mobile phone. At the end of the day, it contains a part of our digital DNA.

Whitepaper "New Paradigms of Digital Identity:
Authentication and Authorization as a Service (AuthaaS)".
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Based on the idea of the mobile device as an extension of the user in the digital world, we’ve created a combined model of Authentication and Authorization as a Service that allows companies to:

  • Get benefit from different levels of authentication depending on the context and the risks that the company can handle - multifactor adaptive authentication.
  • Be able to apply and manage an effective access control strategy across traditional IT environments and over current IAM environments - authorization by OTP and digital latch.
  • In addition, under the same approach, the integration of the solution with business processes will allow the Enterprise to turn the mobile device into a security tool to sign - digital signature.

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