Self Service Security Products

The technology that detects weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your WordPress sites before attackers do

Every day vulnerabilities are published that affect the WordPress software, its plugins or themes, which makes it difficult to know which vulnerabilities affect your WordPress sites. In addition, it is possible that the software infrastructure where your WordPress site is installed, or its configuration allows attackers to gain access to restricted areas and information.

Faast for WordPress is a simple but effective way to detect all of these weaknesses for you, letting you focus on taking care of your business. The service will provide a comprehensive security report with actionable information to help to address these weaknesses.

Faast for WordPress is:

  • Vision: analyze and Identify vulnerabilities and other security risks.
  • Accuracy: help to identify and correct security breaches by delivering actionable information.
  • Innovation: implements and automates the latest security analysis techniques.

Faast for wordpress


  • Simplicity in the security analysis process, you just need to know the URL of your WordPress site.
  • Safe, the technology used in Faast for WordPress is best-in-class, performing security tests Without bothering the IT infrastructure.
  • Up to date with the latest security testing techniques for a deeper analysis.

Target group:

  • End users that are looking for a quick and in-depth security analysis of their WordPress sites.
  • Organizations that run WordPress sites within their business processes that need monitoring to identify vulnerabilities and take action before they are exploited.