Managed Detection & Response


24x7 bespoke guidance, notifications and assessment reports for our customers, thanks to our SOCs

"Bad guys" have "all the time in the world" to prepare, launch and exploit their sophisticated attacks. Organizations, by contrast, have only hours to avoid catastrophic consequences that could affect their core business, causing damage to their finances, image and reputation.

Building a skilled and experienced incident response team is a challenge even for the most sophisticated organizations. ElevenPaths incorporates this capability through the turnkey Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) services:

  • 24x7 availability & expert assistance
    Specialized teams, composed of forensic analysts, reversers, network experts, threat intel analysts and legal specialists are available to assist you, on-site or remotely, in the investigation of security incidents and signs of compromise.
  • Bespoke guidance
    After a detailed analysis, the team will guide the customer throughout the full incident lifecycle, providing the necessary recommendations to contain, eradicate and recover from any incidents.
  • Follow-up notifications & assessment report
    Around-the-clock notifications to provide reports on the investigation progress (executive briefings, low-level technical analysis reports, chain of custody and legal advisory-related deliverables or post-mortem activities).

ElevenPaths IR (Incident Response) services are supported via:

  • SOCs global network
    A team distributed across different regions and time zones, with 24x7 availability and full visibility of the context of the threats in each region.
  • Best-in-class technology and threat intelligence
    ElevenPaths’ SOCs network uses cutting-edge common technologies and platforms (EDR, TIP, SOAR, proprietary sandbox, or forensic and reversing tools), as well as intelligence sources and feeds in order to enhance and accelerate alert triaging and contextualization, and automate incident response.
  • Standardized common processes and procedures
    Our SOCs network leverages standardized common processes and global forms for all activities involved throughout an incident’s full lifecycle.

ElevenPaths IR services can be delivered through two principal models:

  • On-demand DFIR services
    Customers who are supported by an internal SOC to monitor and handle security alerts, and wish to occasionally leverage ElevenPaths’ 24x7 mode.
  • DFIR Services within SOC
    Our iSOC customers can add this option and benefit from the integration of our DFIR team and the additional services that we provide.