Managed Security Operations


Transforming Data Into Relevant Business Information

Managing the enormous volume of data that complex IT and security systems generate has become one of the foremost technological challenges for any organization. Effective management ranges from identifying possible incidents or fulfilling regulations in force to improving the efficiency of business areas. Data Management can help you store and analyze any type of log in real time regardless of its origin, size or time needed to be conserved. Everything handled simply and cost-effectively, managed by Telefónica's team of security experts.

Data Management brings you:

  • Innovation: storage, analytics and log viewing service regardless of the size and origin of the data.
  • Monitoring: capability of correlation and alert generation.
  • Centralized security: storage of logs on a centralized Telefónica platform that implements the most advanced protection measures.
  • Full control: information accessible from a single portal and constantly updated in real time.
  • Performance: guarantee of high availability and immediate response, regardless of the age of the data.



  • Cost savings, pay only for the storage that you use. Data Management spares you the elevated costs of infrastructure, hardware, licenses and expert personnel.
  • Total flexibility and auto scaling, store the necessary data volume for the necessary duration.
  • Power and immediacy, single combination of the power of real-time analysis with large volumes of data with ultra-low latency, even for data stored for years.
  • Simplicity, interactive interface, enabling real-time visual analytics with no need to implement code.
  • Regulatory compliance, compliance with data protection standards, PCI-DSS, etc., requiring the conservation and monitoring of system audit records.

Target group:

Companies looking to have the best technology and top security experts with a preference to delegate management thereof to Telefónica, transforming Capex into Opex and thus letting them dedicate own resources to activities that bring greater value to the business.