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Holistic CyberRisk Detection & Response

Cybercrime cost already represents a 0.8% of the global economy, exceeding the drug and arms trade. CyberThreats helps continuously prevent, detect and respond to potential cyberthreats that can have a major impact on the organizations' business model. CyberThreats covers all phases of the cyberthreat lifecycle, thanks to its holistic risk management model focused on ciberintelligence.

CyberThreats is:

  • Intelligence: applies actionable knowledge to the prevention, detection and rapid response to potential cyberthreats.
  • Innovation: aggregates the internal research and expertise along with technology developed by ElevenPaths and the sector’s best partners technology.
  • Global Vision: a proactive approach that provides a comprehensive and detailed view of your organization’s security status at all times.
  • Anticipation: allows early identification of cyberthreats by gathering evidence, trend analysis and emerging threats in 24×7.
  • Efficiency: effective and agile response, mitigating the impact of cyberattacks on an organization, while proceeding to the final resolution of the incident.



  • It reduces costs with its early prevention and identification of potential attacks that could pose a financial and reputational impact on your organization.
  • End-to-end global view providing a proactive approach aimed at the early detection and rapid response against Cybercrime.
  • 24×7 monitoring thanks to the constant tracking of our expert team of intelligence analysts specialized in Cybersecurity.
  • Accessibility and simplicity through an online portal offering a unified control point, centralizing all information.

Digital Risks Covered:

CyberThreats is designed and aimed at organizations that need protection against a wide range of cyberthreats:

  • Information leaks, hacktivism, security breaches, credentials theft and other sources of business disruption.
  • Unauthorized use of brand, offensive contents, counterfeit and other threats that pose irreparable damage to their image and reputation.
  • Attacks derived from online fraud such as phishing, pharming, malware, carding or suspicious mobile applications.

Technology leveraged:

Learn more about the in-house technologies leveraged by the service CyberThreats:


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