Cloud & Data Security


Integrated and flexible security for your email

Currently over 95% of malware is distributed via email. Spam is at the root of significant annual losses for companies in terms of both human resources costs as well as the risk for information systems. Clean Email is a cloud-based service comprising a range of fully integrated security solutions, all handled from a central console that lets organizations manage and monitor the security of their email inboxes.

Clean Email brings you:

  • Firewall: protection against spam, malware, phishing… using multiple filtering techniques for incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Archiving: secure cloud storage of all client emails, enabling a centralized search to reduce complexity and costs while enabling regulatory compliance.
  • Encryption: fully automatic and based on standards, with no exchange of public or private keys by end users and no need for additional software.
  • Data leak prevention: through the configuration of policies guaranteeing that no transaction can violate data usage regulations.
  • Protection against advanced threats: providing additional protection with advanced AV and Sandboxing technology to identify advanced threats such as Ransomware or Cryptoware.



  • Guarantee of 99.9% threat-free emails.
  • Cloud-based, flexible and scalable service.
  • Virtually immediate application thanks to its simplicity of deployment.
  • Reduction in server storage problems, guaranteeing the availability of security backups.
  • Protection for the organization against information leaks through emails.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations thanks to archiving and encryption functions.

Target group:

  • Flexibility to be a modular, cloud-deployed solution that provides a simple solution adapted to the needs of any client type, ranging from SMEs to large corporations.
  • Companies interested in simplifying compliance with the new regulatory paradigm insofar as security and information privacy, and looking to guarantee a simple and effective way to control their data.
  • Companies whose service provider’s default email security fails to fully cut the muster.