Network, Application & Security


Protection for never stop business

The yearly incidence of DDoS attacks has been on the rise because of the relative ease with which cybercriminals can take over personal computers and, more recently, IoT devices, with which they can generate widespread distributed denial-of-service attacks. Sooner or later all organizations doing online business or having an online presence will be affected by a denial-of-service attack. The only lurking unknowns are when and the ensuing impact of the attack on the profit and loss account.

Anti-DDoS brings you:

  • Protection against all DDoS attack categories (volumetric and application).
  • Smart filtering weeding out attack traffic and delivering only clean traffic.
  • Detection and cleaning before entering the client’s network to prevent the saturation of its Internet links.
  • Adaptable to the needs of clients via cloud-based application, at the client’s facilities or through a hybrid model.
  • Visibility* of the attacks and safeguards engaged in real time through a service portal.

    * Consult service availability according to geography.


  • Cost reduction because of the implementation of security as a service.
  • Rapid network and service availability recovery with a minimum impact.
  • Managed, non-intrusive and transparent solution for the client.
  • 24×7 protection with permanent assistance available every day of the year.
  • Qualified professionals with highly recognized credentials and expertise in networks and security.

Target group:

  • Any company with any sort of activity with a presence on the Internet.
  • Essential for companies operating in sectors such as finance, e-commerce and gaming, but also the government, defense and critical infrastructure protection.