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Centralized Access Control Solution

Our centralized access control solution simplifies user experience by relying on the mobile device.

Nowadays, users are increasingly accessing multiple apps from different personal devices. Usually, those apps do not share a common access control mechanism, even when they are offered by the same entity, which forces the user to remember multiple credentials and, hence, they have a cumbersome and frustrating experience. For businesses, this impacts on productivity, since employees end up avoiding those apps unless it is extremely necessary. Likewise, it also causes loss of business opportunities in the sale of services to end customers, since many of them refuse to go through independent registration processes for each service.

In organizations with lots of applications, such an access control architecture is painful, as it requires more integrations and it aggravates the maintenance of the organization’s access control policies.

To solve this problem, we have created a unified access control solution for apps, integrating the latest technologies for user identification and authentication based on our products, and leveraged on mobile operators’ core capabilities. Users can enjoy an easier and more natural experience when accessing to digital services by using something that they usually have with them: their mobile phone. That way, users could be authenticated or could authorize simple operations just by tapping a button, or by fingerprint recognition. This solution also provides a functionality that allows users to enable or disable operations whenever they want to, and it includes second factor authentication with the Cloud TOTP functionality (Time-based One Time Password). Additionally, it can be integrated with a continuous authentication transparent layer based on context and user behavior that analyzes unconventional casuistries in real time, detecting phishing attacks.


  • Single Sign-On architecture for services and applications, offering common authentication and authorization mechanisms for all of them improving the user experience and providing real-time access statistics.
  • Simple integration with your applications based in standard protocols (OATUH 2.0, SAML, 2.0 and OpenId Connect) to reduce development costs.
  • Access authorization controlled by the user on the operations selected, determining when it is possible to access these resources.
  • Continuous authentication based on different technologies (user behavior, geolocation, detection of the browser and device used, etc.), which allows the perfect balance between user experience and security.

Mobile Apps:

Mobile Connect

The solution to log into any website with the user's mobile number. Easier login without passwords and safe, as it offers several levels of strength.


The digital latch that provides an extra level of security to your accounts and online services by “turning them off” when you don’t need them.


Comprehensive platform of biometric signature and authentication, to reduce costs and improve efficiency, ensuring non-repudiation and integrity of the data.

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