Secure Mobility Solutions

A secure mobility solution designed to help companies manage and secure access to corporate information from anywhere, at anytime and from any device. All through a smooth process.

Can you imagine a company without mobile devices? The absolute connectivity of employees is synonymous with productivity. We no longer need to be in the office to answer emails or sign trade agreements. It is now possible to permanently and ubiquitously access information or corporate tools, both from corporate and personal devices, thus allowing a significant improvement in productivity, but also exposing the organization to new risks and security threats.

Where is corporate information? With so many different devices that employees often use, it is difficult to keep track of all data. Therefore, based on the idea that without security there is no mobility, we have designed a secure mobility solution that combines the latest technologies on the market with a delegated administration service, which allows organizations to improve their productivity and client services.

This is how our security solutions in mobility work:

With this suite, organizations have a single place from which to access corporate mobility services: connectivity, telecom expense management, mobilization and productivity processes, remote device management and, of course, advanced security.

Secure Mobile Device

The best service to keep a device inventory, and to remotely manage these devices, prevent theft of information and deploy quarantine policies for compromised terminals.

Mobile Threat Protection

The most advanced protection product for mobile devices based on behaviour analysis proprietary algorithms to detect zero-day attacks and the hacking of wireless networks.


Cyberintelligence tool against mobile threats that helps security analysts identify behaviour patterns from criminal organizations.

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