Industry 4.0


Managed Security and GRC Solutions

An industrial cybersecurity solution designed to identify, assess and manage the risks that pose a threat to industrial infrastructures, knowing in real time the status of the production process security.

Industry 4.0, also known as intelligent industry or Cyber-industry of the future, is a concept linked to the fourth industrial revolution, which is based on technologies such as the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, DIY culture and connected factory. The main characteristic of this new industrial revolution is that industrial processes and information systems are fully interconnected. This integration has led to a definite improvement in industrial processes, but at the same time it opens a new front for cyberattacks, if possible even more sensitive than the previous ones, since it includes critical infrastructures.

Can you imagine the damage a cyber attack could cause to an organization’s critical infrastructures? In order to respond to this need, we have started a new concept that we call OT-GRC, which extends the GRC paradigm to industrial and supply systems (power, water, consumer goods …).. This evolution of SandaS GRC further expands its capabilities as a platform for the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance applied to industrial and IT/OT (information technology/operational technology) convergence environments.

Discover the pieces that form our industrial cybersecurity solutions:


Tool of global security intelligence that provides full visibility of your organization’s management thanks to its detection and immediate response to threats of all kinds.

SandaS GRC

It helps identify, assess and manage risks to which industrial infrastructures are subject and show the potential impact on the services they offer to their clients

Security Monitoring

Continuous prevention and detection of security incidents, including real-time visualization over your security status.

Data Management

Centralized service for the collection, storage and analysis of information generated by all your resources and security services, integrated with SandaS.

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