Gestión integral del riesgo y la seguridad


Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Our complete solution for risk management and regulatory compliance efficiently helps companies in their business decisions.

As the ecosystem of cyber threats grows more complex, organizations are forced to increase their number of tasks to protect the integrity of their production processes and to avoid potential information leaks that could affect their client’s intellectual property or data. In addition, organizations shall fulfill regulations that are more demanding regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the most important change in privacy regulation in the last 20 years that comes into effect on 25 May 2018. This challenging task will not succeed in the absence of plans that balance the investment and risk equation and in the absence of sufficient knowledge of the regulatory framework.

Our risk management and regulatory compliance solution is based on the SandaS GRC platform, with which it is possible to develop both the risk management framework and the regulatory compliance framework for information technology or operational technologies environments, taking into account the characteristics of each organizational unit or region.


  • Business security. Both the organization’s executive board and the business units have enough visibility on how security risks affect the organization so, therefore, they can make better decisions for corporate success.
  • Simplicity. It enables the construction and monitoring of risk management strategies and corporate regulatory compliance in an intuitive, immediate and iterative way.
  • Full visibility. Comprehensive collection of fully customizable indicators for a holistic understanding of risk and compliance.
  • Real time. Thanks to its integration with managed security platform, SandaS, and with Vamps, our vulnerability management service, allows to know in real time the risk level and regulatory compliance affecting the organization, as well as the effectiveness of the protection measures implemented.

Know the status of your company’s security to perform a complete cyber risk management:


SandaS GRC

SandaS GRC

The product that complements the operational vision of security with a business vision. It incorporates risk management and compliance capabilities for both Information Technology and Operational Technology environments, helping decision-making thanks to its dashboards with real-time indicators.

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