Security Solutions Against Digital Fraud

A comprehensive, convergent and adaptive solution based on the application of intelligence to detect digital fraud, both in advance and at the moment it is being committed.

Fraud is one of the most important digital threats. Fraudsters and cybercriminals exploit the weaknesses of the entire payment-methods ecosystem for their financial gain, causing a strong impact on organizations.

A comprehensive solution against digital fraud

Cybercriminals use increasingly innovative techniques that are hard to detect, such as massive credit card cloning, cyberattacks to online stores and payment gateways, or attacks to end-users to infect their PCs and mobile phones. Fraud Management & Intelligence (FMI) is a comprehensive, convergent and adaptive solution that enables organizations to manage frauds with a holistic approach, aligning the fraud prevention strategy with business objectives:

  • Comprehensive: we cover the strategic, tactical and operational levels (Security Governance, Risk Management, Fraud Protection), adapting our fraud solution to the organization’s individual objectives in a unified way.
  • Convergent: we analyze both internal and external insights at multiple levels (Potential Threats  Confirmed Fraud), which help to increase business resilience.
  • Adaptive: we rely on both internal information (client) and related fraud patterns (sector) and collateral (profiling, clustering), identifying emerging fraud schemes not considered.

Thanks to its holistic design and its risk management intelligence, FMI helps prevent, detect and mitigate the impact arising from fraud affecting organizations.

In this first version, our FMI solution is specifically designed for Financial Institutions and, therefore, currently consists of 2 large functional modules (Payment Fraud, Online Fraud), through which the multiple capabilities and benefits of the service are structured.

Our fraud solution is based on a wide range of Cybersecurity services that are provided via our 9 SOCs (Security Operations Centers) distributed worldwide, which are built combining our own technology and innovation with technology from partners leading the market.

Discover our solutions against digital fraud:

FMI Swarm

It allows to fuse and analyze information from the company’s own transactional systems with intelligence from external sources to identify potential frauds.


It helps prevent, detect and take action against frauds related to credit card theft, phising and fraudulent domains.

Smart Digits

Real-time view of the context of mobile phones from users and/or employees of the company that can help score the trustworthiness of each connection or transaction.

Fraud Consulting Services

Consulting services to start a comprehensive protection project against fraud, understanding the needs of companies, their assets and sensitive processes.

Fraud advanced Anaytics

Thanks to the Machine Learning and Analytics solutions of our Big Data area.

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