Data Protection


Security Solutions to Protect Your Company’s Data

A data protection solution covers the lifecycle of a company’s information, both in cloud and hybrid or private environments, helping to protect the most valuable asset: information.

Attacks and corporate information theft are becoming increasingly common, leading to large costs in loss of competitiveness, a direct economic impact, and even the loss of brand value and market positioning.

What happens to my data if my provider has a security breach? How I can keep control of the information without interfering with the work of my employees? What if my data are subject to the regulation of another State? Based on the idea of returning control and privacy when protecting information, we have designed a data protection solution that covers the lifecycle of a company’s information in a computerized environment - both in cloud and hybrid or private environments. This solution regains control and privacy of your company’s information and helps you face the challenges associated with migration to the cloud, covering several critical aspects in data protection, such as collaborative work, storage and access to information and the monitoring of its safety.

A set of tools designed to cover the entire management cycle of a company’s sensitive information:

Secure collaboration

Metashield Protector

Set of tools for documentary environments' protection with the analysis, filtering and processing of metadata, providing organizations maximum control over their information.

Information Right Management (IRM)

Document protection to minimize the risk of information leaks for people internal and external to the organization, in compliance with data protection policies.

Secure storage

SaaS encryption

The information stored and filed goes through an encryption process in order to prevent the loss of sensitive data in a hypothetical case of unauthorized access.

Access, authorization and authentication control


Comprehensive platform of biometric signature and authentication, to reduce costs and improve efficiency, ensuring non-repudiation and integrity of the data.

Mobile Connect

The solution to log into any website with the user's mobile number. Easier login without passwords and safe, as it offers several levels of strength.


With Latch, end users can easily lock their digital service accounts or the selected functions when they are not using them, to reduce the risk of theft and unauthorized use.

Intelligent security management


It correlates the relevant security information in an advanced way, categorizes and notifies incidents, and offers real-time automated responses.

Security Monitoring

Continuous prevention and detection of security incidents, including real-time visualization over your security status.

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