Cloud Security


Secure Access and Cloud Services Protection Solutions

Our set of solutions walk with companies along their journey to the cloud in order to protect the company’s sensitive information..

Users expect full availability of the services they use during their online experience, and also for their personal and business information to be protected.

However, most companies have or will have sensitive information in cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, which means new challenges and questions. What happens to my data if my supplier has a security breach? What happens if my data is subject to another state’s regulation? How can I keep control without interfering with the work of my employees?

Our cloud security solution provides protection for access to the cloud services, maximizing in the cloud security and leveraging the benefits from the cloud to offer advanced cloud services in the client’s facilities.

Regain control and privacy of your business information:

Secure access to your cloud services:

Clean Pipes

IP networks can be harmed by hackers and scammers. Clean Pipes offers secure Internet access services based on virtualized and managed next-generation firewalls.


Anti-DDoS service detects and mitigates distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), which is the most important threat to organizations that rely on their online presence.


A technological solution that implements security policies in the access to cloud resources, providing visibility of the risk of apps in the cloud.

Cloud security services:


With Latch, end users can easily lock their digital service accounts or the selected functions when they are not using them, to reduce the risk of theft and unauthorized use.

Mobile Connect

Passwords are complex, hard to remember, and unsafe. Mobile Connect is the authentication solution based on trusted mobile phones, as an alternative to the use of passwords.

Security Monitoring 4OTC

End-to-end monitoring service that provides a comprehensive view of the security status of cloud resources and their compliance with privacy regulations.


A vulnerability management and analysis service that offers a global view of an organization’s weaknesses applying real attack techniques used by cybercriminals.

Protection provided from cloud platforms:

Web Security Gateway

Service that guarantees secure, controlled and flexible Internet access anywhere and through any device without having to deal with data loss.

Clean Email

Cloud service that guarantees the delivery and receipt of legitimate email, avoiding the distribution of viruses and malware. It assures the compliance with the security policy.

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